What now? How the liberty movement can still change the Conservative Party for the better.


The Conservative Party leadership race has left a lot of liberty-loving Canadians wondering what to do next. Maxime Bernier was the first mainstream Canadian libertarian to run for the leadership of a major political party. He ran a campaign based on ideas we have all talked about with friends and family but were hastily dismissed by the political establishment.

The liberty movement will mourn Bernier’s thirteenth ballot loss, but it’s important that we don’t give up on political activism. His campaign showed us that we are not a fringe movement. We are a sizable portion of the Canadian right with ample potential for growth. We grow by getting organized, working together, and staying united. We have an opportunity to make sure that Bernier’s ideas have longevity in Canadian political discourse.

The work starts right now, and here’s how we do it:

The Conservative Party is currently getting their policy amendment process underway in preparation for the next policy convention in Halifax in August 2018. There the party membership will vote on changes to its existing policy declaration (see that here). The party policy declaration will then be used by party leadership as a guide when crafting election platforms and taking stances on issues.

How can you get involved?

Step 1: Sign up for Liberty.

We’ve got some pretty slick technology under the hood here at for Liberty and we aren’t afraid to use it. We’re building a nationwide network of liberty lovers to change this country for the better. If you sign up to volunteer here we will be in touch within 24 hours and let you know how you can join the movement. We’re looking for people to fill a number of roles: the most pressing tasks are writing about liberty-related topics to spread our message,  sharing our content to your networks social media and beyond to establish a liberty-loving network from coast to coast to coast. Make sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter for the latest from for Liberty.

Step 2: Join the Conservative Party and join your local electoral district association.

If you don’t already have a membership, you can buy one at www.conservative.ca. From there you should contact your local Conservative Party riding association and ask to get involved. You can find your electoral district by entering your postal code here. Once you know your riding it is time to contact your local Conservative Party Electoral District Association (EDA). Most EDAs have websites with contact information. Tell them that you want a spot on your riding association’s board of directors. Riding associations are always looking for new board members to help with the day to day business of running them.

Step 3: Join your riding association policy committee

Once you have joined your board, the best thing you can do is get a spot on your riding association's policy committee. Policy committees from each riding review and submit policies that are voted on at the policy convention. Let your riding association president know that you are interested in policy and would like to get a spot on the policy committee. If your EDA does not have a policy committee, offer to chair it.

Going Forward

If all of us follow these three steps we will be in a good position to influence the policy direction of Canada’s only major right of center party going forward. The next step will be to get as many liberty-friendly voting delegates going to Halifax as possible. If you are able to attend convention In August 2018, you’ll need to find out when your riding is hosting their delegate selection meeting so you can put your name forward to attend as a voting delegate.

If you need any help or have any questions please contact us at info@forliberty.ca or message us on Facebook or Twitter and we will help you in any way we can. Time to take the plunge -- join for Liberty. What are you waiting for?

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    Or they could just do what many have and join the libertarian.ca/join