Conservative Party Convention Policies: Top 5 and ones that Need to Die


In less than a month, Conservatives from around Canada will be headed to Halifax to vote on policy. 

We have compiled a list of policies being presented that we think deserve your attention. 

Here are the policies that made our top 5, and those we think need to die.

The Good

Tax Code Simplification 

This strengthens the existing statement that the party supports a simplified Income Tax Act by preferring general income tax reductions over tax credits. We hope this involves a lot of cutting from the act, like a lot of cutting . If it does, can we please bring snacks and watch?

Eliminating Supply Management

Supply management is contrary to the free-market principles of our party, costs consumers more for basic food items, and hampers negotiation of free trade agreements. It needs to go, it needs to go now, please save us from the absurd love affair with this ridiculous policy.


We fully support deleting the singling out of women in the Conservative Party Policy Declaration -- equality presumes the declaration applies to all without the need special declarations for specific groups. I mean, we’re pretty sure the rest of the policy manual is supposed to apply to women too… isn’t it?

Ending Corporate Welfare 

Government should not pick winners and losers, instead we should aim to create a competitive business environment by keeping taxes low. No more corporate welfare, there are better ways to spend money than throwing it at money losing companies… Seriously, pretty well any other use you can think of would be a better idea.

Free Speech

There are a lot of free speech policies on ideas lab but we like this one the best. It does a good job articulating that free speech serves as a kind of tension relief valve in society without getting bogged down in unrelated issues.


Honourable Mentions

Limit Foreign Funding

Foreign funding laws for third party groups are notoriously lax. In modern campaigns, where data is king, it’s a scary thought that a third party can use foreign funding to collect data to use in an election campaign with no oversight.

Tax Code Simplification v. 2

This policy is similar to the tax simplification policy above, but it also adds a full independent review of the Income Tax Act.

Need to Die

Pearl-clutching Porno Policy 

Just no. Don’t censor the internet, don’t expand the state to poke around in people’s personal lives. This type of nanny state claptrap is everything but small-government and has absolutely no business being debated at a conservative convention. Worst policy going to convention, hands down (but keep them where we can see them).

Restoring Family Tax Credits

Stop with the damn tax credits already for the love of Thatcher. There’s far more important things to be discussing in a federal election than giving out a tax return of $8.87 for little Johnny’s art supplies. How about we just lower general tax rates instead? It’s more efficient, doesn’t expand the income tax act even more and looks a lot less like shameless electioneering.

Senior's Tax Exemption

Why? Just why? The federal basic personal amount, the amount of income you can earn without paying federal taxes, in Canada is $11,809. Why would we expand this to $15,000 specifically for people over 65? Raising the basic personal amount across the board would be different, but the age based qualifier is ridiculous.

Senior's Tax Exemption v.2 

We get it, there’s a lot of old people in the party. Seriously though, stop with the tax credits, exemptions, etc.

Border Security 

There’s nothing funny about this, due process is a fundamental requirement in a free society. Supporting action without process is wrong, plain and simple.

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